This is the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption’s website.

We are a group of UK Parliamentarians passionate about tackling domestic and international corruption.

The effects of corruption are profound, impacting the lives of both UK and global citizens.   This is why we believe we must play our part in tackling this issue and in ensuring that the UK is not complicit in corruption.

We hope you find this website a good way keeping up-to-date with the APPG. Below you’ll find posts about our previous activities and on the menu above there are links to further information.

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Co-Chairs blog on the UK’s role in global corruption

APPG Co-Chairs and Labour MPs Catherine McKinnell and Anas Sarwar have written about the role of UK business in enabling corruption in the developing world. Writing for the Guardian’s Sustainable Business network, the APPG Co-Chairs highlighted how British professionals working in less regulated markets may encounter corruption or suspicious transactions…

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